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How to Use Spotlight

Spotlight is great for searching for anything on your computer. Just make sure you change the settings so that it does not search your mail so that it won't open up any mail that you wouldn't want opened.

Using Bookmarks in Safari and Firefox

Using Bookmarks can make all your work on the internet go so much faster and easier. Here are some tips on using them with ease.

Setting Up iTunes 12 the Way You Like It

iTunes has changed quite a bit in Version 12. I hope this will help you find your way back to the view you liked before.

Mini Player in iTunes 12 is hard to find.

The mini player button has moved in iTunes 12. Here are two places you can find it.

Full Screen in Yosemite

How to get into and how of full screen has changed in Yosemite. Here is how it works. And here is how to get out of full screen in the apps where the esc is not working.