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Adding Events to Calendar from Mail

El Capitan has a new feature that makes it really easy to add events to your Calendar from Mail.

Muting Volume on Any Open Window in Safari

You know how crazy it is when something is playing some ad or some video somewhere and you can't find it. Safari has a great new way to help you find and silence the window where the noise is coming from.

Using Track Pad Gestures in Mail

Mail on your computer works a lot more like it does on your phone now. Here are a couple of track pad gestures to help you work smarter and faster.

Using F3 to Find Everything on Your Desktop

Sometimes you get so many windows open on your computer that you can't find the one you are looking for. F3 will save you! Try it out.

Hiding and Showing Dock AND Menu Bar in El Capitan

You have long been able to set the dock up so that you only see it when you want. In El Capitain, you can also do that with the menu bar giving you lots more screen space when you are working on a small screen.