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Scam and HiJack Web Pages

It is so easy to stumble upon one of these hijacking web pages that I know 10 people it has happened to in the past few weeks. Here is the SIMPLE trick for clearing these pages from your browser. Shut down your browser completely and when you open it again, hold down the SHIFT key as you open the browser. This will clear the scam page and allow you to surf the internet again.

How to Use About this Mac

About this Mac gives you all the info you will need about your computer! Especially great at showing you what is using up the space on your hard drive.

Using Underscores to Force Anything to the Top of a Finder Folder

In this video, I add underscores to the beginning of each folder name so that all my folders will appear at the top of my list in finder. I should have mentioned that this trick works for anything that you want to appear at the top of an alphabetized computer list.

Editing in Photos

Editing in the new Photos Version 1 is pretty amazing. Here's a little tour.

Using the Photo App in Mavericks

The new Photo App looks so different that it is scaring a lot of people from making the update. Here I explain how to find your way back to a view that makes sense to you and also how to get the new application organized so that you can work in it easily.