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Using the Photo App in Mavericks

The new Photo App looks so different that it is scaring a lot of people from making the update. Here I explain how to find your way back to a view that makes sense to you and also how to get the new application organized so that you can work in it easily.

Changing Your Name in iCloud

This is supposed to be the way to do it but I found lots of glitches so I have included a couple of work arounds that you might find helpful.

How to Use a Paper Tape in Calculator

The calculator app is great for short calculations but if you are working with lots of numbers, here is a tip that will give you a virtual paper tape of your work.

How to Use Spotlight

Spotlight is great for searching for anything on your computer. Just make sure you change the settings so that it does not search your mail so that it won't open up any mail that you wouldn't want opened.

Using Bookmarks in Safari and Firefox

Using Bookmarks can make all your work on the internet go so much faster and easier. Here are some tips on using them with ease.